Learning a new language is fun with us!

At LearnNow, we treat language learning as valuable skills development. You have to put a lot of effort and time to learn a new language. Here, at LearnNow we dedicate out time to make language learning an enjoyable and efficient activity for you. We develop innovative techniques and methods for anyone that intent on becoming more proficient in another language.

We have made our main mission to empower people all over the world to start learning another language, faster with more reliable results.
LearnNow cares about you, and yours most preferred learning methods. Whether you learn best by image quizzes or text quizzes, the LearnNow software addresses to your individual learning methods. Our content contains real life subjects, which we believe are most relevant to you.
LearnNow is made up of a team of experts with years of experience within learning techniques and software developer. Our team will help you get the best learning experience with the newest software techniques.

Easy to get started

Its easy to get started, just pick the language you want to learn, fill in your details, and you are good to go!

Learn at your own pace

We offer a wide range of languages, and we are constantly adding more! If you have a new language request, you can mail it to us, and we will consider implementing it!

In-Lesson Grading & Profiling

All profiles are graded, and our complex software algorithms can identify and cater to your specific needs!