Learning a new language is fun with us!

Once you are a bit older, it gets harder and harder to learn new languages, and this is further limited by the time you have available.
A language course can be quite pricey, and it will require adjusting your schedule based on classes. We are offering you an alternative – LearnNow, a new learning tool that will fit perfectly into your already busy schedule.
Our software tailores the courses to fit your needs, using an adaptive machine learning approach.
An example of this could be, that our software detects, that your performance is very good in image quizes containing animals. At the same time, our software detects that you are bad at adjectives. Our algorithm will adjust your futuere quizes based on past experience. In this specific case, the software would adjust your flow, to slowly bridge the gap in knowledge, by serving quiz questions that contain animals with adjectives. We believe that we have the perfect combination, try a reduced price trial and cancel if you are not satisfied. Join us, its time for something new.

Easy to get started

Its easy to get started, just pick the language you want to learn, fill in your details, and you are good to go!

Learn at your own pace

We offer a wide range of languages, and we are constantly adding more! If you have a new language request, you can mail it to us, and we will consider implementing it!

In-Lesson Grading & Profiling

All profiles are graded, and our complex software algorithms can identify and cater to your specific needs!