Tailored learning algorithms

At LearnNow we have developed software that dynamically alters your learning experience based on past results.
Various studies have shown that people learn very differently, what works for one person, might not work for someone else. We have recognized this, and embraced it.

But what does this mean for me?
Image that our software detects, that you are performing exceptionally well in image quizes containing animals, and that you are performing exceptionally bad in text quizes containing adjectives.
Our state of the art algorithm will adjust your futuere quizes based on past experience. In this specific case, our software would adjust your flow, to slowly bridge the gap in knowledge, by serving quiz questions that contain animals with adjectives.

Learn it right the first time

At LearnNow we pride ourselves in offering the newest intuitive learning techniques, that are created in corporation with teachers with years of experience.

LearnNow makes it simple and fun for you to learn online the basics of a new language. All you have to do is pick a language you want to learn and get started. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have proof that it works. We make learning extremely easy for visual learners because we have implemented tools that will allow you to remember words, phrases and imagines. Join LearnNow today and begin learning new languages within minutes.

LearnNow is fun and easy

We make it fun and easy for you to start learning a new language

Easy to get started

Its easy to get started, just pick the language you want to learn, fill in your details, and you are good to go!

Learn at your own pace

We offer a wide range of languages, and we are constantly adding more! If you have a new language request, you can mail it to us, and we will consider implementing it!

In-Lesson Grading & Profiling

All profiles are graded, and our complex software algorithms can identify and cater to your specific needs!

Our Pricing

We make it fun and easy for you to start learning a new language

5 € / 3 Days

Then 75 € / Month
  • All Supported Languages
  • Premium Learning Methods
  • Dedicated Tutor
  • Premium Live Support
  • Support from our Learning algorithms

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